quinta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2010

Dissertação do Meu Mestrado - Abstratct

um estudo sociológico
das experiências identitárias de pessoas
vivendo com HIV/AIDS em Recife


The main objective of the present work is to investigate the identity redefinition of a group of people infected with the Aids virus. The question which originated it was: what’s the meaning of life for somebody that finds himself infected with the Aids virus? The hypothesis which guided the research process were the following: the condition of the person infected with the virus triggers a process of identity redefinition; the gender condition influences in the identity redefinition; the infected person suffers stigma and exclusion in the doctor-patient relation.
The methodological resource in the research was the qualitative method. The gathering of data was done in two phases. In the first one, we consulted resource material form the Ministry of Health; periodic publications and specialized bibliographies about the subject. In the second, we used the techquine of recorded interviews as a technical recourse of an open-questions questionnaire. The research was done with twelve patients in two non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Recife.
The conclusions of the study showed that the identities of people infected with the Aids virus are defined in a symbolic and imaginary dimension because of an ideal of the self, through deals and bargains, among those infected with the virus. And that the usage of the cocktail (combination of medicaments), the psychological treatment, the hope of a vaccine which will bring the cure, symbolize survival strategies for a longer lifetime, keeping imminent death away.

Miriam Fialho da Silva.

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